Christy is a passionate performer who gives her all. She is available as a solo artist as she sings and accompanies on guitar; Christy loves working with bands as well. She will learn cover songs for your event and even write a custom song!

"A Superb Entertainer, Big, Big Gift!"

"Christy is such an amazing artist who listens with her heart and lets the sounds of the Universe flow through her in a most authentic way.

A superb entertainer with a big, BIG gift!”

Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart, Shiloh Spiritual Center, San Diego, CA

“Christy puts her whole heart and soul into her performance. 

She reminds me of Janis Joplin,
one of the great soulful singers of the 60's. 

She is very present and full of Joy 

a keen intuitive sense of the audiences desire,
and she delivers.”

Doug De Stefano, Encinitas, CA
“Richly entertaining, broadly appealing
with an easy listening style and
lyrics that contain great positive messages.”
Doug McClure, San Diego
"Christy is awesome! She exudes healing power & passion."
Sacha Rana, Entertainer & Breath Work Expert, Encinitas, CA