"The Female Jack Black"
At a rock music day camp, Christy earned the nickname after the "School of Rock" movie.


Mama Christy is a Singer / Songwriter & Recording Artist; Video / Media Producer & Recording Engineer; a Voice Over Artist and a Writer. She is also a visual artist and photographer; and a passionate believer in positive music & media and its creative power. 

Christy is a charismatic performer with a dynamic voice that can range from very soft to very powerful, with a strong musical conviction that people can relate to. Over the past 30+ years, Christy has refined her craftsmanship and unleashed a creative passion that people say touches them in a deep way.

Experience & Skills

4 Decades as a Visual Artist / Photographer
3 Decades as a Singer / Guitarist / Songwriter
2 Decades as a Performance & Recording Artist
1.5 Decades as an Intuitive Guide
1 Decade of New Thought

After decades of developing her craft as a self-taught musician, Christy loves to teach others to express themselves and have fun with music. She was the Director of a Rock Music Day Camp for 4 years after she worked as a vocal and music promo teacher for 2 years. Christy is currently writing her first book, about her miraculous journey and transformations and the power of forgiveness.

"My number one goal is to harness more humor in my life and to laugh more." 
Christy performed with The Mama Christy Band in the early 2000’s and her band DarZana in from 2004 to 2008. Since 2005, Christy has been writing songs incorporating principles of New Thought. As a singer/songwriter, Christy writes lyrics with themes of love, compassion, and spiritual evolution that inspire people to believe in themselves and their dreams.


"Truly an Amazing Songstress!"

"Mama Christy is truly an amazing Songstress!  Her songs are transformative, raw and powerful; not only will they inspire you in creating a new life, you will find yourself singing these songs in the car and in the shower days after you've heard them.

If you have ever looked for music with a great message that will rock your socks off, touch your soul, jazz up your life and soothe your blues, look no further, Mama Christy will become a new favorite." 

Kat Alessi, RScP, San Diego, CA