Christy writes songs not just for Sunday Morning talks, but also for all kids of special occasions; for a loved one, a friend, a birthday, wedding, anniversary, retirement, graduation, memorial -- you name it! Funny, happy, full of memories, inspiring!

"I was not prepared for how profound Christy's song was, moving me and the entire audience to tears with its soaring energy and hopefulness for the future. Her voice is a powerhouse unto itself; add to that her amazing ability to construct a song, and on short notice I must say, that TRULY captures the emotion and impact of a subject, and you have a talent to be reckoned with.”

Marie D. Jones, Vista, CA

“Christy is an awe-inspiring singer/songwriter. She has been gifted an amazing talent, and knows how to use it! In 2011, my brother passed away. Just days before the service, I reached out to Christy, who offered to write and perform a song using the words from a poem I had written.  I was blown away by her willingness to make a difference for me and my brother's friends. Her heart-felt, soulful expression of my words was one of the most touching gifts I have ever received, and lifted the hearts of everyone in attendance at the memorial service.”   

Donna Norris, Lakeside, CA

"Christy is able to take ideas/phrases from my talks and instantly improvise them into (or even totally change) the music she prepared for the service. She's so in the moment in her composing and is always able to "pull it off" with amazing stage presence and performance confidence. She's a natural talent! And we love her!”

Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart
Shiloh Spiritual Center, San Diego, CA