1. Meant to Be

From the recording DarZana "Magic Cats & Dogs"

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A song about how sacred and special each person is and how powerful we would be if we knew just how brightly we are meant to shine.


Don't you know which way to go?
Don't you feel -- feel -- this life is for real?

You were meant to be here right now
It's part, part, of the reason you exist, you exist, you exist

Oh, I wish I could make you see how amazing you are
There has never been anyone like you
There will never be anyone again, no no
Yea, yea, yea, yea

Are you here with your heart open wide, wide, wide, so wide?
Can you find all that beauty inside, inside of you? It’s there!

You were meant to be here, just as you are
You can change & grow if you want
The point is you are perfect the way that you are

You’re perfect – you were meant to be (repeat)