From the recording DarZana "Magic Cats & Dogs"

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A song written in honor of Melissa Etheridge.


I believe in peace. I believe in hope. I believe in forgiveness. I believe in redemption.

Chorus: I believe, I believe in LOVE, yeah -- I believe, I believe in LOVE
in Love in Love in Love, yeah -- I believe in the power of LOVE

I believe in here. I believe in now. I believe that we make a difference.
I believe we are here for another, we’re here for each other.


Oh sometimes it don’t look like much -- sometimes a smile, sometimes a simple touch. And I believe it’s Love. I believe it melts down walls. I believe it beats all odds. I believe it’s what we’re living for!

I believe in you. I believe in me yeah. I believe we’re here for a reason.
I believe we are here to be free, we’re here to be free, yea


What if all of our hearts were feeling Love at the same time?
Every heart on the planet beating in rhyme?