1. Be Here Now

From the recording DarZana "Magic Cats & Dogs"

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A song about the power of the present moment, the only moment we ever really have. As if time is a series of moments of now stitched together...


Afraid of moving backwards, millions spill behind. Living in the history, keeps the pain alive.
Afraid of moving forward, millions speed ahead. Living in the future, grounds the fear instead.

Chorus: The beauty of this instant, the simple here and now
The mystery’s unfolding, the love will show you how---Be here now

Underneath it all, there is love, running like, running like white water rapids.
The river’s overflowing, can’t keep that water dry chorus

Seems so easy to get caught up in the pain of the past ‘stead of being free now
Seems so easy to get caught up in the fear of what’s next -- All we ever really have is now!
Be here, Be here, now. . .
I said, be here, be here N O W > > >