1. I Miss You

From the recording I Miss You (Single Track)

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I Miss You

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Christine Gilardi wrote the song “I Miss You” to perform at Tanya Brown’s 2014 Mental Health Summit honoring the 20th Memorial of the passing of her sister, Nicole Brown Simpson. The song is about a sister’s love for her sister, and about the universal connection we all share with our loved ones--that mystical connection that defies the barriers between Heaven and Earth, inseparable by space and time.

The song also brings home the reality that life is short. Are we celebrating everyone in our lives while we still can?

“I Miss You” was recorded in San Diego, CA and produced remotely by Grammy Award Winning Guitarist and Producer Larry Mitchell. Larry’s craftsmanship has infused the song with all of the qualities of a hit single… adding even more power to the song’s propensity to emotionally move people, touch their hearts, bring them healing for their grief, and inspire a deeper sense of connection with their loved ones – and the peace that comes from all of that.

Gilardi was a finalist in the Vocal Performance category of the 2015 New Mexico Music Awards with the entry of “I Miss You.”

Singer/Songwriter: Christine Gilardi

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Larry Mitchell at Insatiable Studios Mobile, NM

Vocals recorded by Sven-Erik Seaholm at Kitsch & Sync Production and backup vocals recorded by “Mask” at MADD Records, San Diego, CA, 2014.


It’s been so long since you’ve been gone
A giant hole where your heart belongs
I close my eyes, I can still feel you

Mmmm ohhhh Oh, I miss you
Mmmm ohhhh yeah, I miss you
Every day / Every day / Every day / Every day / Every day

Your smile, your smile in my Mind
Your eyes, your eyes in my Soul
Your Love, in the whole Family

Ohhhhh ohhhh Oh, We miss you
Mmmm ohhhh yeah, We miss you
Every day / Every day / Every day / Every day / Every day

I know you’re here with me
I feel your heart in mine
I don’t think you know how much
Everybody loved you
You went too soon
We had nothing to do but
Weep for you, weep for you
Night and day

I’m reachin’ up to you
I know you’re here with me
Sometimes I swear I feel your heart beatin’ mine
You’re reachin’ down to me
Oh, I feel your love
Oh, I can feel your love, I still feel your love

Right here right here, right now, I can feel you…. Right now
Been so long….

I’m reachin’ up to you
I know you’re here with me