1. Tin Can Town

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One foot in front of the other in this tin-can town
Every wall painted terra cotta brown
Plastic shrubs and big box shops.
We, the people, the perfect breed,
Taught to live by another’s creed.
Awash with preservatives, chemicals,
and the newest peel, Earned our letters, got that seal.

Suddenly, it’s meaningless, I want what’s real. REPEAT

To soothingly seed abundant soil.
Sun’s warmth I yearn to , I yearn to feel.
From the earth my soul is fed. Freshly sheared grass is my bed.
Flittering fireflies salt the sky, Silly folk-songs, harmonica’s sigh,
All in tune with the whippoorwill’s cry.

Neighbors with names; Chatting, laughing, playing games.
Cranking the handle, mixing ice cream.
Flavored with good ol’ fashioned love, love, love, love
And just a smidge of honey from a bee.
I want to eat from God’s hands, Where no labels are needed.
Where the houses are homes, The town - organically seeded.

To the curb I kick the fabricated can.
I live by my label, I create my own brand.
Suddenly, it’s meaningful, I want what’s real.

It’s right here, right now, IT IS!