From the recording Journey to You

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Dear Girl, I see you wander.
You wander, you roam.
From place to place you travel.
Wandering, wondering where you belong.

You left your home, you found a friend.
You planted some flowers, put up a fence.
Still searching your soul,
You wonder, you wander again.

Surely peace will, peace will find you there. REPEAT

Like a mysterious maze in your mind,
Like a merry-go-round goes round and round.
If only I had, If only I knew,
If only I were, if only I felt.
If only this were real.

You traveled from friend to friend, town to town.
If you'd just, you’d just settle down!
Look! Listen! It was there all along,
Like a wick in your soul…awaiting its flame.

You have, you know.
You are, you feel.

This Peace inside is really what's real

Whisper at end
It’s inside
Wander in there…Wonder about that!