1. Enigmatic Love

From the recording Journey to You

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In that moment, time stood still.
In that moment, life was real.
My worries, my doubts, whisked away.
All that mattered was love that day.

Enigmatic love, a love like no other. mmmm
In the summer sun, I strolled the shore.
The sand warmed my feet, The waves soothed my heart.

Within a glowing light from the sea,
A thought so real, just like a dream.
I longed to be one with her, ocean so blue,
loving ripples feel so true.

“My child, I love you, I do you’re already here. ooh
When you’re lonely, I’m there with you.
When you’re joyous, my smile beams too.

When you ask for guidance, it’s my song you hear.
When you feel sad, I hold you near.”
Life as I knew it changed for good.
My heart grew lighter, My sights grew wider.

Life is great, not something to fret.
Life is more, can’t settle for less.
Life’s not about who’s wrong or right.
It’s about knowing our inner light.
Life’s not about judging what makes us diverse.
It’s about loving the oneness of our hearts.
Why have I made life so hard? When it’s as simple as the beat of a heart OOOH

From the echoes of her heart, I heard her say
“Remember this love you feel, and let it be.
It’s always in you, it’s always in me
God’s love is all that is, it’s within all that exists.
Within the people, plants, animals, earth, and stars,

You can feel it, you can feel it, it can’t be missed.
No it can’t be missed!
Everything else - your worries, your grief -
Is nothing more than make-believe.” OOOHHHHH
It’s always in you
It’s always in me

The bells of the clock then chimed their song.
More awake than ever, I’ve never been so strong.