From the recording Journey to You

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Can you hear me now?
Can you see me? Can you know me now?
Listen beyond my words. See past the color of my skin.
I am not who I pretend to be. I am not

the angry voice you hear. I am not the stranger on the street.
I am not the degree I hold. I’m not the work of my career.
I am not who you think I am. I am. I’m all that you are. You are all that I am. I am

If you could see who I am, you'd see an image of you.
What if, just for a day, we don our rose colored glasses & see
who we really are
who I truly am!

Can you hear me? I speak Love. I am. I am Love.
Can you see me? I am a beautiful smile. I am. I am Joy.

Can you know me? I am the pureness of a child. I am.
I am me. One with You. One with Life. One with All.
Just like you. Just like you. Just like me
Can you hear me now?